Micro Markets

Micro Markets: "Consumers rate them off the charts in nearly every category." So says Brad Bachtelle, president of Bachtelle & Associates, a national foodservice consulting firm about micro markets, one of today's fastest growing foodservice concepts. Read more in this front page story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featuring Davians and watch this Fox 6 story to see how area employers and corporate property owners are using micro markets to attract and retain employees and tenants.

With a Davians Fresh Market, your employees and visitors have the 24/7 convenience and variety of a self-serve market right on your site. Stock yours with locally made Davians sandwiches, salads and other selections; fruits, veggies and yogurt; snacks and treats; and a selection of beverages.

Shoppers grab their choice from the cooler or shelf. Take a closer look at the item. Read the label. Scan or punch in the bar code. Pay with a  credit, debit or special card. Even track personal nutritional goals with the market's Daily Nutritional Analysis system. With a Davians Fresh Market, lower your operating costs while increasing employee satisfaction. Learn more in this video.

Fresh Food and Sensible Solutions:  Each week we make right here in our Menomonee Falls culinary center 30,000 fresh food selections customized to meet today’s diet and nutritional preferences. In fact, we're one of just a few Open Market providers nationally that prepare our own foods while most vendors outsource food prep.

Our Sensible Solutions icon and label take the guess work out of making better food choices. When your choice is marked Sensible, you know it follows established dietary guidelines, contributes to balanced nutrition and tastes great. Read more about Sensible Solutions and our approach to healthy dining and snacking in this brief overview.