• Wedding Reception: Davians Event Center

    We had a destination wedding so we decided to do the reception here in Wisconsin. We just wanted everybody to have a good time.  We had a Mexican beach theme with a taco bar.  We got so many compliments on the idea and the food turned out great.  Davians was accommodating and willing to work with us on a nontraditional style. They were very responsive with our questions.  They anticipated our needs; some I didn’t even realize. I would drop things off and they would set up everything without me having to tell them what I want.  At the end of the night, everything was packed. Pricewise and quality was phenomenal.

    ~ Deanna Kueny
  • Wedding Reception: Davians Event Center

    My husband and I looked at a lot of venues.  I walked in and felt like this was it. The rooms really caught our eye. They were very elegant and classy -- wasn’t just a hotel ballroom. We really liked having a full bar inside the venue room so that all our guests stay together in one area.  Davians is well known for their food.  Everything is homemade -- their recipes and that was really important to me. The staff was great from the start.  Everybody was so friendly and so accommodating. They were constantly asking us what we needed.   Everything ran so smooth.  

    ~ Jamie Diplaris
  • Annual Banquet: Davians Event Center

    The service we get at Davians is excellent.  I couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people -- everybody from bartenders, to catering staff to Jeanette and her team.  They are attentive to anything we need. Everybody on team is so easy to work with. They’re creative and flexible.  They get excited with you and that makes it fun to plan an event which can usually be overwhelming.  They make it easy. Davians has been so good to us.  The food is awesome every time.  Its gets better every year we are there and the event center is such a beautiful venue.

    ~ Rebecca Rehse, Kindling LTD, Menomonee Falls Fire Department Auxiliary
  • Fundraising Events: Davians Event Center

    We’ve been holding events at Davians for the past five years because they provide such an exceptional package. It’s a great space in a great location, and the food and service are primo. The staff consists of dedicated pros that are committed to making your event the best it can be—right down to the last detail. They’re friendly, responsive, and easy to work with. Our guests always make a point of telling us how pleased they were with the event and the venue. We’re a nonprofit, and Davians has been a very generous supporter of our organization.

    ~ Dan Klemencic, St. Anne's Salvatorian Campus
  • Annual Awards Banquet, Membership Lunches and Breakfasts: Davians Event Center

    Wherever the Chamber holds an event, it’s a reflection of our organization. Therefore, when searching for a venue, I look for one that offers ambiance and quality of food run by a business that’s customer service oriented – one that I can count on to be the expert in their field.  Davians has always been that type of venue for us. When I work with Davians I know everything is going to be done at the highest level because they have high expectations of themselves. The service we receive from Davians is instilled top down and part of their culture. They always add special touches to further elevate our events.  The theme for one of our annual dinners was an evening under the stars. Davians staff willingly took to the challenge of our theme and hung more than 200 stars from the ceiling.  The room was spectacular. We had an idea and they made it come to life.

    ~ Toni Yates, Menomonee Falls Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
  • Annual Awards Banquet, Membership Lunches and Breakfasts: Davians Event Center

    When I walk into Davians I can relax because I know they have it handled. At Davians, everything is taken care of.  We host leadership lunches with important speakers where we don’t want any distraction while they’re presenting.  Davians staff serves and clears so silently, you don’t even know they’re there.  I’ve received calls from attendees after an event praising the quality of the service. Davians is also great with last minute changes. They’ve always been very accommodating.

    ~ Jane Monsen Hickey, Menomonee Falls Community Chamber and Tourism Center
  • Office & Corporate Events

    Davians has made it very easy for us to provide our employees with an engaging lunch experience several days a week.  They are flexible and creative with the menus and willingly accommodate a variety of dietary needs by including vegan and gluten free options with each meal. Not only do they present an appealing spread but they handle everything from set up to serving. They allow us to do something more for our employees than just ordering take out or serving a standard lunch.  

    ~ Samantha Creydt, ShoreTel
  • Coffee, Vending & Micro Markets

    When Davians first came to our shop, they cooked the food in the microwave, same as we would, and provided samples to all our employees – a couple hundred of us.  Everybody said the same thing – it was fantastic and it’s been that way since day one. Anything we’ve asked for they have catered to us. Our HR group wanted healthier food. Davians provided it. We’ve never had any problems.  The service is same day.  We’ve never had to wait – issues are resolved instantly.  And, we know what’s happening with our machines – that’s tremendous.  Davians lists out sales for every machine. They’re a top notch company

    ~ Rick Lund, Twin Disc
  • Coffee, Vending & Micro Markets

    We chose a Davians CK Micro Market to provide our employees with more meal and break options. Because Davians makes the food locally, we know it’s fresh and the choices are much more diverse and healthier. The best thing that has happened is that not as many employees leave to go out to lunch because they have a good option here. Our market closely resembles a grocery or convenience store. It’s a concept people are familiar with and feel comfortable.  Davians takes care of everything.  They’re extremely flexible, responsive and customer service is top notch. 

    ~ Chad Paulson, Human Resources Manager, Beer Capitol Distributing
  • Coffee, Vending & Micro Markets

    We added a Davians CK Micro Market as part of an effort to create a more inviting and engaging break experience for our employees. The market provides much greater variety than a vending machine. The food is delicious and the quality is excellent. The price points are similar to what employees would pay if they went out for lunch. Now more employees stay in the building and socialize.

    ~ Madi Catalano, HR Director Western States Envelope & Label
  • Coffee, Vending & Micro Markets

    The beauty of a Davians CK Micro Market is that companies not only provide employees with healthier food options, but also food that’s fresh and locally made.  And, because Davians is local with its own kitchen, it’s easier to customize selections.  Busy employees no longer skip meals because they know the market is available. It’s an inviting option. You walk up, pick something right off the shelf and swipe your card to pay.

    ~ Tricia Dretzka-Kaye RN, BSN; Wellness Coach, Wellness Nurse, HARA Wellness Solutions, LLC.
  • Public Cafes & Micro Markets

    Having the type of high quality café and catering that Davians provides, along with a micro market available to tenants outside of normal business hours, are amenities that will make the Parkland Center office property one of the most desirable locations in suburban Milwaukee.

    ~ Scott Tausk, Griffin Capital Corporation