Energy Efficient, High-Tech Vending Machines: You’ll find about 3,000 Davians vending machines around southeastern Wisconsin. Machines accept cash and credit/debit cards as well as mobile payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay. Sensor technology guarantees product delivery or an immediate refund while software tracks vending selections and preferences. ENERGY STAR qualified vending equipment with energy efficient LED lighting increases machine performance and saves you money. Good for the environment.  Good for you.

Fresh Food and Sensible Solutions:  Each week we make right here in our Menomonee Falls culinary center 30,000 fresh food selections customized to meet today’s diet and nutritional preferences. In fact, we're one of just a few vending companies nationally that prepare our own foods while most of those in the industry today outsource food prep.

Our Sensible Solutions icon and label take the guesswork out of making better food choices. When your choice is marked Sensible, you know it follows established dietary guidelines, contributes to balanced nutrition and tastes great. Between 35 and 80 percent of the choices in a Davians vending machine is Sensible Solutions product. Read more about Sensible Solutions and our approach to healthy dining and snacking in this brief overview.